The Law of the Sea

Arturo M. Tolentino: I wish people will remember me for The Law of the Sea

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I began writing my father’s biography with subtitle Que Sera, Sera in 1986 and finished it with his Epilogue written in May 30, 1988. Que Sera, Sera, although unpublished, in comparison to my father’s Voice of Dissent, is a biography of my father from his early beginnings and touches on his personal life. It is not just a memoir of what he had done since he became a congressman.

My father gave me unlimited access to his scrap books and files which contained almost everything he had written plus newspaper clippings about him dating back to 1927. At the time, he had 29 big volumes. It was in the 1,600 pages collection of his “Early Writings and Speeches”, that I discovered a short piece entitled “A Tribute to my Father.” He delivered it on Dec. 4, 1939 at Lacson College’s Parents’ Day Program. I am including it here with his Early Writings because of the depth of feeling it contains. I always knew that there was a bond of mutual respect, gratitude, and love between my father and my grandfather, but never realized until I read these words that were written within a year of my grandfather’s death, just how great that bond was.

I, Evelyn Tolentino-Mendoza, lovingly dedicate this web page to my father Arturo M. Tolentino.