The Law of the Sea

Arturo M. Tolentino: I wish people will remember me for The Law of the Sea

Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and Sisters picture

Nanang with her ten children. Left to right standing: Heleno, Gerino, Camilo, Arturo, Donato, and Felino. Sitting: Benita, Irinea, Nanang, Julita, and Elisea.


Salvador Tolentino wanted all his children to have university degrees

Julita with Arturo and Gerino

Long before I even thought of writing the biography of my father, I have heard him quote our grandfather a few times as to why Tatang wanted all his children to go to university. My grandfather had acquired properties as payment for his surveying jobs long before he got his engineering degree, but to him it was very important that all his ten children get university degree.

Our grandfather told his children and later on I heard this from my father as well, “one can lose money and property but a degree is something that no one can take away from you”.

When my grandfather died, my father took it upon himself to fulfill his father’s ambition: that all his brothers and sisters would secure a university degree.


Daddy said:

Heleno, Gerino and Arturo with leaders in a campaign meeting

“When my father died, I had to help with the expenses of educating my brothers and sisters. My mother’s Heleno, Gerino, and Arturo with leaders picturebusiness interest obviously helped a great deal but it was necessary for me to contribute. For example my sister Elisia, was going to medical school so I financed all of her studies. I had a brother who was going to take up law- Gerino, and I helped him also. I suppose in someway I was a substitute father for my brothers and sisters both in the latter part of Tatang’s life and after his death. We were a very closely knit family although I had my own family already I still tried to help my siblings in every way that I could. This went on for a long time until all of them had finished their schooling.

Some of them did not finish their studies until after the war. In fact, Julita was only 28 days old when my father died so to her I really was her father as she had never known her real one”.