The Law of the Sea

Arturo M. Tolentino: I wish people will remember me for The Law of the Sea

Ramon Romero Jr.Evening Herald November 3, 1948

Ramon Romero Jr. wrote:

Evening Herald November 3, 1948

In the early part of 1944 he was appointed by Jose P. Laurel as Special Prosecutor for the city of Manila. This was a golden opportunity for him to go after corrupt government official and profiteer in the prime commodities business. At the same time he utilized his office to free many guerillas from confinement for crime of sedition they committed.

He also had the nerve of to insist on the prosecution of Japanese civilians accused of profiteering.

Even though the guerillas had been brought to him for prosecution admitted to their “crimes” he risked his own life by ordering their release on the theory that “Guerilla activity was not punishable under the laws of the Philippines.