The Law of the Sea

Arturo M. Tolentino: I wish people will remember me for The Law of the Sea

University and Law School

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He did not want to be lawyer

My grandfather wanted my father to be a lawyer. Unfortunately my father did not share my grandfather’s affection for the legal profession. Daddy wanted to be first a civil engineer then go overseas to graduate in mining engineering.

Daddy said that when he told my grandfather about it, this is the how Tatang re-acted. “No, you’d better get rid of those thoughts”. Tatang pointed out that Daddy had already shown himself as an orator and debater through the prizes and contests he won. But Daddy has really set his mind on engineering. So there is a deadlock. In the end my father agreed to let fate decide. Daddy wanted to choose straws but allowed himself to have the matter settled with the toss of a coin. He lost!

He did not want to become a lawyer, he wanted to be an engineer. But he had given his word to abide by the outcome of chance…. and to my father, his word was more binding than all legal documents and contracts the world has ever produced!